The many accomplishments of Judah

For the first time ever Judah slept for just over SEVEN hours straight!! He hasn't even come close to sleeping that long before. I do hope it's a new thing that is here to STAY!!

Judah also managed to pee on the clean and just folded laundry this morning. But his skills don't end there... it has been a busy day for him!! While I was out of the room he managed to roll a complete roll, ending up right beside all of Paul's important paperwork and then spat up all over it. We haven't told him yet... maybe I'll just let him read it on here ... or leave it up to Judah to tell him =)

Some pictures taken last night and this morning

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Anonymous said...

He's turning into a little chub, Jessica! :) I had to laugh at his "skills"...it only gets better as they get older. Oy.

Miss seeing you around CW.


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