Just My Thoughts

What thoughts use to fill my head before Judah entered the world?? And what on earth did I use to do with all of my time? And did anything else make me laugh as much and as often as he does? And why did I think I couldn't function without eight hours of sleep?

Judah went almost 20 hours without pooping today. Weird enough that I would even think about it, right?? But I was actually excited about the fact that he finally did poop. I was excited by poop. What is wrong with me???

His smiles and laughs are the sweetest things ever and I spend way too much time trying to get him to laugh or smile for me. It's almost a sure bet that if I can make eye contact with him and smile that he will smile back, and once he smiles if I laugh he will laugh. SOOO sweet!

I also have new concerns - I am realizing more and more just how brave all the parents were that left their own young children in my care!! I am wanting to get a babysitter for Judah so that Paul and I can go out some evenings ... but it is really a scary thing.


Catherine (almost_grinch) said...

Guess what the commercials say are true: "Having a baby changes everything."

Anonymous said...

your a mom! thats all... its the best job in the world isnt it?! -ashleigh

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