Diapers in funny places

The last few days have been busy and fun. Wednesday we did a photo scavenger hunt with the young people at the church. Since it is Master's week a lot of people are out of town and we had a group of five - but it is quality that counts, not quantity - right?!? It was a great group of young people and we had a ton of fun!! I took the guys and Ashley took the girls - I will post pictures of it soon - there are some funny ones!!

Yesterday morning I was doing laundry and when I went to switch a load over I discovered I had washed a diaper! YUCK. I don't recommend doing that... it ballooned up, exploded, and now there are little gel things all over our washing machine. I seem to enjoy creating more work for myself... Here is the diaper - I should have taken a picture of a dry one so you could really see how big this got!!

Last night we had Ashley, Cole and their two kids over for supper and games. The games lasted till the early morning hours. Paul has today and tomorrow off of work, so we slept in today, and soon we'll be leaving for Atlanta to pick up my friend Chrissie who is coming for the weekend. YAY! I can't wait for Judah to meet his Aunt Chrissie.

Earlier this week Crystal tagged me with a thinking blogger award! She made me feel very special, and I now need to think of five people to tag... trying to go with people who haven't been tagged - my favourite blogs have all been awarded the thinking blogger award at least once!!

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