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Kind of a weird thing... my blog is number 16 when you google "Master's Week." It made me laugh when I discovered that!!

Judah gave a real laugh tonight - I have thought he laughed before, but tonight there was no doubt that he laughed!! It was so cute!!

One of the guys from Paul's work moved into our apartment complex with his wife and baby!! Their baby is just a couple weeks younger than Judah! We spent the night over at their apartment eating supper and hanging out. Their daughter slept and Judah stared at everything. I am so excited that they have moved in!!

Yesterday while I was shopping a lady stopped me and asked if Judah had been in the NICU at MCG. I said yes, and she said she thinks our babies were neighbors in there (cute term!!) When she said that I recognized her! Turns out her daughter is STILL in the NICU!! Has been since early January. The doctors have said that they hope to release her next week on feeding tubes and an oxygen tank. I can not imagine having had my baby in the hospital for four months!! I am so grateful that we only had that one week with him in the NICU!!

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Sarge Charlie said...

and here I am remember next door neighbors on Okinawa 30 some odd years ago, your friends will always be in your life....

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