Still scheming

Last night was romantic and fun.
The fun part being crashing our neighbors romantic dinner because we need salad dressing (oops, sorry about that). And the romance being the candlelight (to hide the fact that I haven’t dusted in awhile) and the rose petals all over the floor (to hide the fact that I need to vacuum – though the candlelight helped to hide that fact too.)
Of course there was takeout (yummy!), fancy desserts and drinks, poetry, cards, flowers and all that jazz too.
Our first valentines together was fun =)

Enough said on that subject… I am still scheming a way to earn $2,000. I think I will list everything that’s not nailed down in our apartment on E-bay. Or maybe not. But I am becoming more fanatical about selling stuff on E-bay. Last week I earned $6.33 on E-bay. I just listed three more items, and I plan on listing more soon. I just have to figure out what things my husband won’t notice are missing.

I earned $22 from Mystery shops this past week… I am getting closer to my goal – just $1,971.67 left to go!

I am looking into another nanny job, though the thought of being at work at 7:30 does not appeal to me. But the thought of being surrounded by my little black babies does. So I guess I would do it. Just have to see if ‘Jack’ will hire me. Till then I will continue listing on E-bay. And trying to find a radio station giving away a cash prize of $1,971.67. Who knows, with my luck with winning stuff, I might just win it =)

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Essie said...

Good luck! Let me know if you find such a contest so I can enter too;)

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