Here goes nothing

This morning I am going to be moping around. I *think* I am coming down with the flu, and I want to encourage it as much as possible. At least until noon. I am going to be part of a focus group that gets paid a nice chunk of money to try a nasal spray. Sounds too good to be true... the spray will probably cause nose hair to grow inches at a time. Or cause warts ugly enough to contend Nanny McPhee's.
Tyler Heasman use to do these sort of things, but with things much more exotic than nasal spray. And he is still alive and kicking. And richer for it too. So here's me, hoping to survive the next two weeks of this nasal spray, so I can add some funds to my Nigeria trip!


AndyandJenelle said...

I hope you're careful because if you feel like you're getting sick it might be strep throat, I hate to say it, but it is going around :(

Essie said...

How do you find these amazong jobs??? I want one!

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