A cool kid

Who he is: Caleb Michael Crowe

When he came to be: He was born on May 3 - he's got a birthday coming up! Woohoo - better start planning that party!

Where he is from: A hick town north east of Toronto

Why he is cool: Because I am his sister! Ok, also, he has great taste in music, is an amazing writer, and buys great presents for people! (Like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" for me for Christmas!!)

What he will be when he grows up: A sand castle builder (duh! See pictures.) Also a writer, maybe an artist. I think he could do anything he sets his mind to. Model, singer, doctor, dentist, teacher, personal foot massager to his favourite older sister (I am rooting for that career.)


ShawnCuthill.com said...

Don't forget professional tag-team wrestler with Spencer :)

Essie said...

awww...are you going to do a tribute to me too;)

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