Our place - part 1

Nicole has inspired me! I haven't gotten our whole apartment photographed yet, but here's a start!
Our bathroom: (a bamboo type theme)
This bamboo "vase" is one of my favourite pieces! We also have the independant toilet paper holders =) I think it's cool - and the "canoe" type thing on the toilet - more about it below!

Here it is again! I just love it and think it looks so cool - the potpourri inside is from Sarah from Australia!! =) I really like it.

Our shower curtain - it has pineapples and palmtree branches on it. The other one is dark green and striped - anyone know how to fluff it properly? Sigh... I can't figure it out!!

Our bedroom:

Here is our bedspread - it's green, if you couldn't tell. The glare from the camera makes it look funny =) We have it pushed against one wall to make more room in the rest of the room =) Then we have those two floating shelves - one holds a lamp or any drinks, and the other one has an ornament on it.

Our window in our bedroom.


tyrubonchi aka Nicole said...

Cute bathroom! And I love your bedspread!!

Becki said...

Love the potpourri. What is in it? I didn't see anything I recognized!

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