Routine and neglect

We are just like old fuddie-duddies. Every night we have a chess game. Or two. Or three. Along with a cup of tea. Last night we weren't able to play as we had our class, and we really missed the game. Grandpa and Grandma Dibble played Skip-bo just about every single night, and I thought it was such a cute idea to do - but I thought we'd do it when we were 70 or 80!! We have started young.

There is comfort in routine and traditions. And that is why I like our nightly chess games (ok, and secretly, I like beating him too.) Our life has been pretty void of routine. In Oklahoma it was nice, he would get home from work and we'd usually go out to the refuge and spend a few hours there, then go out to the Dollar Theatre, do grocery shopping, or hang out with some friends. We had our Friday night house church, and our Sunday afternoon lunches at the Servicemen Center. Things are still so rumble jumble here. There are very few daily or weekly routines. It's harder to have them when I am working every other week, and his hours at work are so late - some nights he isn't home until 8:30! And too, there isn't the same gorgeous scenic outdoors to adventure around in. In the last couple weeks we have started some new things up, and hopefully they will stick and continue to be in our weekly routine.

On to other things. I would never have called myself a procrastinator, but alas, I have been. Almost to the point of getting in trouble with the law. I have not been able to bring myself to get an Ohio drivers licence. Our insurance company started getting on me about it nearly three months ago, and I kept putting them off. A police officer pulled me over once for some minor thing, and when he saw my licence chewed me out about not having switched. I don't know why getting my Ohio licence has been such a huge deal, but it has been, and I have been ignoring it. Maybe it is because we don't have the legal documents yet to prove I am Jessica Morris, and the licence will have to be in my maiden name. Maybe it's because it's identifying myself as a Ohio-ian, when I am really an Ontario-ian. A part of my identity will change. Maybe it's because I am lazy. Maybe it's because I am scared of the driving test. There are many reasons why I might have put it off, it's likely it is a little bit of everything. But as of tomorrow, I will have an Ohio licence! I have my test scheduled for tomorrow morning, and -men don't read any further!! - I am borrowing Anita's little car to make paralel parking and any other driving stunts easier! =) I don't want any rude comments from any male as I warned you not to read that part! When I told Paul what I was doing, he said he could take me out and we could practice in the big car... uh uh. He missed the point. I don't want to learn to do it well in a big car. I want the easy way out. Besides, I will never use parallel parking. I take after my momma. And I am proud of it. I will drive around a block two dozen times waiting for two spots to be free, just so I don't have to parallel park. (I bet you didn't know that all those times you did that around Care and Share your daughter was watching and learning that THAT was the way you park big cars!! =) So men, be disgusted. I don't care. Just don't tell me about it, as you were warned!


Essie said...

I hope your test goes well...Have fun!

Pray you get a man;)

Becki said...

Hope all goes well for your test. I totally understand using the small car! Though you won't have to do parallel parking, you do have to do "maneuverability".

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