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I have been on a reading binge in the last week. I had forgotten how much I love books. I finished Princess last week, and am currently in the middle of Execution by Hunger. Both are excellent books. I have a long list of books to try to put a dent in. Yay for books.
Since getting married I have learnt that I can lose myself in a book in a coffee shop. A feat I once thought impossible, I have conquered. Yesterday I had a mystery shop to do, so I took along my book and spent two hours lounging in their overstuffed chair in front of their cozy fire lost in a Ukrainian village that is being over taken by the Soviet police. Every now and then I would get up for another free refill of coffee. It was a grand way to spend part of my afternoon.

Paul and I were to have been up at 5:45 to pick Eric up and get to the gym for a little after 6:00. Some how both of our alarm clocks got turned off - and neither of us actually woke up until the sun came through the window at 7. By then it was too late to go together. I haven't actually made it to the gym in weeks, so I decided that I would go later on today on my own. And I did =) I weighed myself on their scales - and I have lost weight! Hurray. I still have lots more to go to get to the before wedding weight. I told someone today how much I had gained since getting married and she looked at me and said "Were you anerexic?" It was very funny the way she said it. Sadly, my body hides the fat well. I cannot fit in any of the pants that I could fit in before. I am not willing to hand them all over to Esther yet though! I will lose the last of the weight. With summer just around the corner and the possibilty of going to Nigeria still looming over my head I am all the more enthused about getting rid of the weight. Losing it? No, because I never want to see it again. I will get rid of it.


Silent Watcher said...

ackk!! Babe, we're supposed to get up again in 6 hours!! I can't beleive it... I'm so proud of oyu for making it to the gym today. I wish I had the time. tomorrow morning though! I've been good about it so far. as hard as it is some mornings.
I love you with all of my heart Jess, keep it up.

Essie said...

Hmm...maybe you could give up on getting rid of that weight...I love your pants:) and the weight doesn't show at all Love none other than your sis!

Essie said...
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Anonymous said...

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Jessica Morris said...

Hey anonymous - I hope you check back here for my response!! I just wanted to tell you that if you have to PAY to be a mystery shopper than DO NOT do it!! You should never have to pay to be a mystery shopper!!

Anonymous said...

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