Our place - part 3

Our Living Room:

This is our love couch - the USA teddy is the one he gave me the day he proposed =) Anyways, the picture right below is just to the right of the couch:

That's our wedding framed mat thing that people signed at our wedding - then the side table is a little out of order as it had been temporarily "baby proofed" for my nephews visit =) The picture below is to the right again - the hall is between the two couches - although the couches are on different walls.

Here is the hallway =) The bathroom is at the end. There are three closets on the left, and on the right the first door is the computer/guestroom and the second door is our bedroom.

Here is the other couch! I love the cushions, although they don't look so healthy in this picture!! The fabric came from Nigeria, and my mom sewed them for me =)

This is to the right of that couch - I need to clear out my magazine stand!! =) And that red thing is a balloon left over from hubby's party!! =)

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