Mystery shop, love and dream queens

I spent part of my morning in a Panera Bread shop being paid to do what I do best- eat, analyze and critique =) The Mystery Shops certainly don't pay enough to make any sort of living off of, but they are very fun. And there is something about being paid to eat anything off the menu that excites me =) I have yet to do a grocery store mystery shop, or a bank one. Those are the popular shops for this area, but someone else in this area is pretty consistant about applying for these shops and always snatches them before me!

While at Panera, and on my way home, I started dreaming up ways to earn the $1,600 needed for my plane ticket to Nigeria. If I could figure out a way to earn an additional $200 a week then I could do it! Mum has me all excited about it. And then to top off my excitement I called and talked with Angie for two hours today. That girl is a dream queen! We have got both our lives sorted out for the next few years, plus our families, and all the world problems. Our gift is gab. Anyways, she got me even more excited about the thought of returning to Nigeria. I would be able to see all my babies, who won't be babies anymore. I will be able to eat su-ya. And boiled peanuts. And play catch with oranges. Sleep under a mosquito net. See hundreds of ants crawling on my bedroom wall. Suffer through tempatures of over 120 F indoors... oh ya... those were the bad things =) BUT I want to have that all happen again. I want to return! And I want to go with my mother! I am giddy with excitement! Although it certainly is all just a dream.

On to other things... Mark and Jason are so cool!! Check out the movie they made:
http://www.markjenkinson.com/crux.mov I love it. Great job guys!! What a cool thing to do on the streets of Toronto!! I got a letter from Joy today - thanks =) It brightened my day. Made me homesick for those firesides though!! "Written in the Word"... ya'll have to come here and have a C&C fireside here!! =)


James Larkhill said...


James Larkhill said...

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