Our place - part 2

The table:

This is our big glass table - I love the black and white look =) What I can't decide on is a center piece... hehe... so that's why there are three pictures... one of each center piece, and one of both center pieces =) Eventually I will get something bigger and better... and when its a fancy meal it will change... but for every day... what do you think?

The kitchen:

Our window - such a blurry and bright picture!! The curtains are very short for the window I think, but I also think they're really cool - as you can see in the close up =)

This is our drinks table =) Its to the right of the window. It has our coffee pot, blender, tea pot, sugar and teas and hotchocolates on it. Usually there are mugs on a mug rack, but they're in the dishwasher, so I pulled the empty rack off =) Oh, and I updated that calender block thing just for the picture =) I usually forget to do that... unless company is coming!!


Nicole said...

Nice table! And I like the pink bowl!

Essie said...

The oranges need help, the pink bowl is cute, so here's my idea...Go with the bowl & oranges for breakfast and the other thing for the rest of the time;)

Becki said...

I like the pink bowl, but the oranges don't match. The other thing is too small for the table.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the bowl with oranges in it! The glass thing is too small for the table. That's a great table though!
Stacy (stacypro on CW)

mum said...

You are too funny...must get your wierdness from dad!! Thanks for telling the world I can't parallel park as well as drive barefoot...oh, maybe I do know where your wierdness comes from!!
For what it's worth, the bowl needs more fruit, or do you have a large candle? Or why not bring the potpourri and free standing toilet paper thingy from the bathroom and put them on the table??? Now everyone knows where you get your brains from!!

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