...you know you have a boring life when you are posting about your eggs...

Last Thursday I bought 24 eggs... I didn't get home till 11:30 pm, and we didn't eat any that night, plus we had 4 in the fridge already... so that is 28 eggs. This morning -only four days later - I realized there are only THREE eggs left! How do two people go through 25 eggs in the course of four days?
I have been doing a lot of baking... I think that's where most of them went. But 25 eggs?!

Anyways, Christmas is just around the corner!! HURRAY!! Christmas Eve is our day... we'll go sledding, maybe build a snowman. Maybe even a fort and have a snowball fight. :)
Then we're going to a Christmas eve service, then drive around to look at Christmas lights. Then we'll go to sleep with Christmas music playing... if we sleep at all. I am notorious for keeping my room mates up most of the night trying to convince them to tell me what they bought me... hehe... Esther... good times, eh? "You tell me first, then I will tell you..."
Paul's pretty good at sleeping through anything though, so it will probably just be an excited me, with a sleeping husband. I'll be talking to our ceiling... which happens to be a nicely decorated ceiling! As an "early" present I bought Paul some ceiling star stickers :)
Anyways, Christmas morning we'll get up and open stockings! Then the presents under the tree... hmm... I don't know what we'll eat. I haven't thought of that yet!! Oops!
After all that excitement, we'll jump in the car and drive HOME!! Yay!! A six hour drive :-p Yuck!! Oh well, it'll be fun.
Hopefully the weather will be good.
Momma is holding the Christmas dinner till we get there. Angie and Nathan will be there, and some "orphans" from the chapel... I wonder who?!
The 26 is Boxing Day... mad sales at the shops... crazy people... the hustle and bustle... so exciting :) We'll be there for sure!! That evening is Christmas at Uncle Frank and Aunt Polly's - Uncle Rick and Aunt Laurie are coming along with my awesome cousins. I am looking forward to it!! Then, depending on when Paul has to be back at work, we may leave on the 26... but hopefully we can stay till the 27... because we have a lot of people to see!!! Amanda, Craig, Natalie, Chrissie, Nummey's, Bev and Ken, Dave and Gail, Andrea, Amy, Steven... it may not all happen. We love you all though!!


Natalie said...

Hey Jess!

I'm home and we finally need to catch up! What day are you getting here/leaving?

Anonymous said...

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