I am so excited about my bonus from Michael, my boss. It's just marvelous... I have to brag. He is getting a new tv. A huge, flat, wall mounting tv. I am sure it has a special name, but I don't know what it is, so my description will just have to do! Anyways, so he is getting this new tv, and is giving me his perfectly good (Sony - I know that much!!) 42 inch tv! He had told me that a little while back.

But then earlier this week he told me that he is so pleased with me, that he is giving me his dining room table! Hurray!! He is redecorating his whole house, and originally he'd said he would sell it to me for a couple hundred bucks (which would have been a real deal on its own!) But then he decided he would give it to me as part of my bonus.

He decided to give me the table as a bonus because I helped him with the selection of furniture he is buying for his redecorating. He had hired a professional decorator, and she had picked out all this fabulous stuff for him. He showed me some pictures, and told me the cheapest thing on the list was an $800 wine rack. I told him shopping at Peir 1 or -the name has eluded me at the moment of the other store - or Ebay would be much cheaper. I looked around for him, and found near replicas of everything he had wanted... he told me this week that I had saved him 75% of what the designer would have charged him!!

So, anyone else want my help? I had lots of fun helping someone else spend money!!

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