Goodbye 2005

My last post for this year.
I remember when I was younger it was always the biggest joke to say things like "I haven't brushed my teeth in a whole year" or "I haven't slept for a year!" Amanda, Alison and I would always try to out do each other on that one, and it always ended in fits of giggles.
Or Elizabeth, always chasing me around for the first kiss of the new year. Those memories go back a long way! I haven't seen Alison or Elizabeth in years.
More recent New Year celebrations involved big parties, hundreds of thousands of people in down town Toronto, dancing, singing, streamers, fireworks- then calmer parties after, watching movies and talking. Or the party in Nigeria. On top of the "hill" with a bonfire, a cheap music box, and very poor quality music blaring out to accompany some highly entertaining dancing.
This new years eve is a lot different than most. We're going to hang out with Nathan and Anita for a bit of the night, to play games, and then it will be just us. It'll be fun. We're loaded up with movies and junk food and games. We meant to buy fireworks, but never got around to doing that.
This past year has held some pretty incredible events for us. It's been fun to remember some of those special moments today;
- Our wedding
- The bridal shower from the ladies at Markham, and then the surprise shower from "Grandma" and Ruth
- Our long drives together, from OK to OH, and from OH up to Stouffville
- Our three days in Niagara Falls
- The road trip with Manda and Spen to visit Paul, and then the trip to Texas =)
- Lawton House Church - we miss you guys so much!
- Our first apartment in Lawton
- J.V.
- Cooking together
- Our first Christmas
- Our "escapes" to OKC to the zoo and the water park

Those are some of our special moments... 2005 has certainly been a full and busy year and full of many changes. Who knows about 2006? We're not really sure where we'll end up, or what we'll do... maybe we'll speculate on that this evening.

Oh yes, last night was amazing! If you have never seen the Harlem Globetrotters it is worth seeing them!! They were hilarious! The seats we had were amazing too! It was a great night out together. We got home at 10:30, then decided to make poutine... ah! That took four hours to complete... never again! I'd rather pay for them from New York Fries anyday!


Anonymous said...

GUESS WHAT!I haven't ate lunch yet this year sooo i)am hungry

Anonymous said...

GUESS WHAT! I haven't ate lunch yet this year, so i)am hungry

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