We have our tree up!! It is beautiful. I just love it. It took a long time. And I am not looking forward to pulling all the tinsel off of it and unfluffing the branches when it is time to put it away... but that is weeks from now, so I won't think about it. There are presents under the tree!! And there are few enough ornaments that I can count them with my fingers. But it's beautiful. My first tree as Jessica Morris =) Paul's first tree. Our first tree. So exciting!!! I love our star on the top of the tree. It was a challenge to keep on the top. It kept wanting to bend over to one side or another. But we finally managed to keep it right where it should be.

I have a cold today. It isn't much fun. I have so much to do this weekend. It's a busy schedule.

Tomorrow: finish the plans for the Ladies Time Apart in the evening, which involves, making lemon curd as prizes, putting the game together, and setting up the tables. Then in the evening it is the ladies time apart - Christmas meal prep samples and tips. After that Christa and Lyndy are coming to our place till midnight, then we're all going to see The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe!! Woohoo! The girls will spend the night, then be late for school Friday morning.

Friday: Go to Jennifer's for lunch and crafts. I am *hoping* I will win tickets to the Nutcracker for that evening. They want caller 5. I have been caller 1,2,3 and 4 multiple times each. I am bound to be 5 sometime... tomorrow... right?!?!

Saturday: Christa and Lyndy are in a school play of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, so Paul and I are going to see it. We are not going to the Sonic Flood concert. Kinda sad about that. It would have been fun!

Sunday is Paul's parents birthday lunch, and I have to do the dessert. That evening is the Awana Christmas party. The JV group is in charge of the games, and one of the games is a "pinata"... why me?! It's sitting in the living room right now, I just finished the second layer of newspaper and water and flour. I'll have to work on it each day till Sunday.

I am missing things. I can feel it... there is something missing from my schedule. Oh well... hopefully it's not too important!! =)


Essie said...

the missing things I believe would be SLEEP and a BUBBLEBATH!

Jessica Morris said...

Oh ya!! Well, I solved that last night... I had both :) I still feel yucky and sick!! It's no fun at all!!

Essie said...

Lucky you! I only have a shower so I can't have a bubble bath:(

Essie said...

you need to show us your tree!!!

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