Mmm, yum!

Last night we had a draw to see who would go to the Reader's home to eat the lamb that Mrs. Reader had prepared and talked about. Two names were to be drawn. Guess who got picked?! Anita and myself. The two co-ordinators of the evening events!! Slightly embarassing. But it wasn't rigged! And we did have someone else draw the names out - so we didn't have to read out that we'd won!!
It was such fun this evening. The food was marvelous. Mmm, so yummy! Roasted lamb, corn, potatoes, asparagus, salad, and hmm, am I forgetting anything? For dessert she had pie - and just for me she'd made pie crust cookies!! That made me smile. I had told Mrs. Reader that my favorite part of the pie was the crust. So she had it for me.
We played Cranium and chicken foot. I like that game. I'd forgotten how to play. But now that my memory has been refreshed I will be playing it alot more! And lucky for me, Paul likes the game too!
It was so nice to go out and spend the evening with others and get to know them a bit better. That was our first invitation to dinner since we got here.
Sigh... I still have my cold and am feeling pretty rotten still. I got a card from Nat in the mail today, that made me smile. Thanks for it Natalie! (If you still check this)

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