A Rememory

I just finished watching FINAL CUT last night. Fascinating movie. They had an interesting thing in it - a chip inserted in your brain that "saw" everything that you see. Then when you die a "cutter" takes the images you saw and makes a "rememory" for the family and friends to watch any time they wanted to remember the deceased person. The cutter edits out any bad things that the person said or did in their life, making them look like wonderful people. But the idea is still very interesting. At least to me. It had me thinking throughout today - if I had a rememory, what would I want to be played?

-the first things I saw when I was born
-the reaction on my parents face after my first word and step
-the first time I saw each of my siblings
-the first time I saw
* Chrissie Barham
* Amanda Kearon
* Heather Tonneslan
* Paul Morris
-what I sounded like when I first learnt to ride a bike
-clips from my first and second trip to Nigeria
-My first day of kindergarten
-hearing my feeble attempts to read
-Some of the times with the Sr Girls
*the C'mas plays - especially the dancing one!!
*the group pictures
*the debates
*the makeovers
*the lingere shower
*the hot tub
*the goodbye party for Aunt Della
-My wedding day
-Our first apartment

There... that's all I have thought of, in no particular order.

On to other things. I have finished work for the YEAR! :) Kinda cool. I have presents to wrap tonight, along with a Christmas movie to watch.

Two interesting people I saw tonight:
Person number one - the guy who works at the laundromat. He's probably 18, pimpled face guy. He hates his job. He is just miserable. I have seen him 3 times a week for the last month. He never remembers me from visit to visit. Tonight as I was leaving he told me the clothes would be ready tomorrow after 5 for pick up. I was surprised, as it's Christmas eve, and said "Really?" He got angry and defensive; "Yes they'll be ready. I told you they would be."
I was half way out the door at this point, but turned around and said "Well, I just think it's funny, because the sign says you guys close at four tomorrow." It was funny. He, thankfully, found it funny too. He laughed, then got nervous, not knowing when the shirts would be ready. I told him it wasn't a big deal as I wasn't working for another week and Michael wouldn't need the shirts till I was available to pick them up. He asked me about my work. He seemed to cheer up a bit. Then he wished me a Merry Christmas. I hope he had a happier evening.

Person number two - A six month old baby in Marcs was actually baa-ing from his stroller. Throughout the whole store. It was hilarious! Brightened my already marvelous evening. I love Christmas time. I love baa-ing babies.

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