My Hubby. My Hero.

Last night we won tickets from 94.9 wqmx for the Harlem Globetrotters playing tonight. I was caller number 7, and had to tell them how I would rate a new song they were playing. Ike, the DJ, told me I couldn't do it since I had won a prize from them on the 31 of October. I asked if Paul could do it instead. He said sure, that wouldn't be a problem.
So Paul listened to the song, and then rated it ("99.99 out of 100"). Then he asked if it was alright for me to pick it up this morning, as the tickets needed to be picked up between 8:30 and 12:00, and he had to be at work then. They said that was fine.
I drove the 35 minutes out there this morning, only to be told we weren't allowed to have the tickets since someone in the same house had won something in the last 90 days!! I told the receptionist that Ike had said Paul could play, and hadn't mentioned it just being one win per household. The receptionist said I could talk to the producer if I wanted to. So Judy came down. If I were three I would have stuck my tongue out at her when I left. She was horrid. She told me I was wrong, they couldn't do anything for me, and the tickets didn't exist. What is that about!?! The tickets were there last night, and they hadn't given any out last night or this morning. I know, because I was listening. She got flustered, and told me that they were planning on giving them away. I told her it wasn't fair, we'd been told we could have them, and I had driven all the way out there to pick them up. She basically said "Too bad." I was so angry with her. She wasn't curteous at all. She wasn't sorry about what the DJ had said.
I called Paul and told him what had happened. I was so upset. I had been looking forward to this evening.
Paul told me not to worry about it, and he'd fix it for me. Five minutes later he told me to go in and pick up our tickets. Woohoo. He'd called Judy and had argued with her on the phone. She isn't our favorite person. She refused to admit that they'd made a mistake in telling us that. She accused us of lying. He told her to listen to the show from last night and she would hear that Ike did indeed say we could have them. She told him the tickets were gone. He told her that it wasn't true, they hadn't given them away yet. She was furious when she walked into the front lobby to give them to me. She didn't talk to me, just thrust them at me and walked out. Why did she do that to us? Who knows... Paul is my hero though. And we're going to have a grand night at the game tonight.


Becki said...

Awwww! What a wonderful, strong, upstandin' man, takin' care of his woman!

Essie said...

Wow! Craziness! I'm quite surprised that your arguing powres didn't work against her! She must be stubborn!!!

Jessica Morris said...

Lol, yup! Much more stubborn than me!!

Paul said...

Muhahaha, that aweful woman couldn't stand up against the strength of my voice. I said give it to her. and she said "ok sir" :-)

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