Boxing Day - part one

Boxing Day - Angie, Esther, Spencer, Caleb, Paul and myself met up with Craig, Amanda and Jessica to do some boxing day shopping. It was a fun time together - great to see Manda and Craig again. I wish we could have had a little more time together!!
After that the six of us went to Uncle Frank and Aunt Polly's house for Christmas. Uncle Rick, Aunt Laurie, Andy, Kevin and Tanner were all there too. Oh, and mum and dad too =)
It was such a fun time together!!

We played an Auction game for the gift exchange.

It was lots of fun!!

All the cousins together

*Our feet*

Andy Dibble.

Playing SWAP

Spencer laying down the SLAP card - Uncle Rick caught moms hand sliding in on the bottom - a first!

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ShawnCuthill.com said...

What is goin on with Esthers eye in the second picture. :)

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