Tis' the end of the day

Tis' the end of the day,
And here in my house,
Us creatures are up,
Sipping from our cups,
Hot chocolate and teas,
Those are our specialties,
This rhyme is stupid,
Has anyone met cupid?

Uh-huh... that's what happens after a long day with kids. My brain is fried. My head hurts. My legs are tired - and I write bad poetry. Actually, the bad poetry comes at any time of day, but I will blame it on the lateness of the night.
Work was good today. I had a three hour break as the kids were at their aunts house having a snowball fight with their cousins. I did some shopping (for them!!) and then met up with Paul. He came back to their house and we watched The Apprentice (Donald Trump NOT Martha Stewart!!) When the youngsters got back to the house we played charades together and then played the "talking game." Paul out talked everyone! I got the kiddos into bed just moments before their dad got home. He was impressed and pleased I had gotten them in - points for me... maybe a raise?!?! Ah, I can dream...
I am off to bed now (to dream of that raise) and to be prepared to be up early tomorrow morning... whoever thought having a cookie exchange at NINE IN THE MORNING was fun has definitely never lived in my shoes. The day doesn't even start till then... let alone be up, dressed, looking good, out the door and at a home half an hour away by that time!! And to top it all off our cookies look AWFUL!! 'Nita and I did them together, and ya... maybe we can blame Levi for the way they turned out?!?! They will not be my claim to fame.


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