Happy family memories...

This song came to me last night right in the middle of a bubble bath :) It made me so happy... I sang it for Paul... he wasn't so impressed.
I think mom taught us kids this song... I'll have to find out for sure. I want to know where it came from. We use to sit at the kitchen table and sing this song when we were waiting for someone to come to the table.
I always found the song hilarious because our last name was Crowe, and it's about birds... ok, here it is:

"Here we sit like birds in the wilderness,
birds in the wilderness,
birds in the wilderness,
here we sit like birds in the wilderness -
waiting to be fed.
Waiting to be fed waiting,
Oh waiting to be fed.
Here we sit like birds in the wilderness -
waiting to be fed."

On to other things now; I have been in the kitchen alot lately... between yesterday and today here's what I have cooked up:
* Hot and Spicy cashews
* Mini Cheesecakes
* Brownies
* Mints
* Strawberry-jello-ed-coconut "things"

I want to do more baking now too... but I must clean the living room first... it has wrapping paper and tape and scissors and bags and clothes everywhere. Kind of a resemblance of Esther's room... it is in honor of her :)


Becki said...

Mmmmm! Do we get to sample any of them for our Christmas party tomorrow night?

Essie said...

Great song! It brings back such memories...Except for one mistake. I don't think that "waiting" is supossed to be at the end of the line. I might be wrong though (but I doubt that);) And thanks for the tribute to my room! Yes I do actually have wrapping paper, scissors, clothes, tape aqnd other wonderful things lying around. I can't believe it was clean two days ago and I even spent a night away from home and now it's so messy!;)

Anonymous said...

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