Old Navy Deals

Wesley's new one piece sweater from ON

Last year I got some amazing deals at Old Navy on their after-Christmas clearance sale. All of the clearance was an additional 50% off the lowest price.
This year was even more exciting than that.
There was one sign up saying all clearance items were 50% off the lowest price. I asked one of the ladies working the store if it meant in every department, or just in the one department where I found the sign. She said it was for all the clearance in all the departments.

Turns out the sale ended yesterday, and that one lady didn't know, and the sign had accidentally been left out. And everything that had been on clearance yesterday had been lowered in price today. Which means that 50% off the item today is significantly less than 50% off the same item yesterday.

I didn't find any of that out until I was in the checkout and the items rang up for the marked clearance price. I asked the cashier if the half off would come off at the end, and she explained the deal had ended yesterday. I told her about the sign and the sale lady that had confirmed it.
So the cashier checked it all out, and then told me she would give me the deal because it was the stores fault for having the sign up.

I ended up getting a rather sweet deal on pants for Paul, pants and two shirts for myself and a few things for Wesley.


Rachel said...

Oh man, what a cute sweater romper! That is adorable. I love Old Navy after-Christmas clearance. It's awesome.

Nicole said...


Anonymous said...

LOVE Old Navy! It's the ONLY place I can find jeans that actually fit my middle two, hard to fit children! Just bought my eldest dd the cutest cable knit hooded sweater there for REALLY cheap!

TammyIsBlessed said...

LOVE bargains like that!!

The Rock Chick said...

Again, you are the Queen of Deals and that sweater and pictures are priceless. You have the most adorable little boys!

sis said...

way cute!!!

Greta said...

So cute.!! Well, I too got a really nice deals at Old Navy!!

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