More Sleep for Wezzy

Wesley has never been one to just settle down and sleep. He fights sleep, especially if there are people around for him to watch. When he does sleep he doesn't do it for long. Up until this past week he nursed every three hours, around the clock. Which, in case you didn't pick up on it, means I hadn't had any more than three hours of sleep in a row for the past 6 months.

With Paul being away for nearly two weeks, and me being near the point of exhaustion, I decided something *had* to be done.
Up until Judah was 18 months old he would sleep anywhere from 15-20 hours. He would sleep for 12 hours at night, and then take two 2-4 hour naps. At a few weeks shy of 2 he still sleeps for a total of 14-15 hours a day.

Wesley, at 6 months, was sleeping for maybe 12 hours a day, and that is being generous.

I began thinking back as to why Judah would've slept like that and what I was doing differently that was making Wesley not sleep like that... and it struck me, with Judah I gave him the opportunity to sleep - and he took it. Judah didn't have an abundantly affectionate brother keeping him awake. Or a loud brother keeping him awake.
I realized that while I kept wishing Wesley would sleep I wasn't giving him the same opportunities to sleep that Judah had.

So I decided to change that. On Tuesday when Wesley woke up for the day I nursed him, let him play for 30 minutes and then swaddled him back up and lay him in our bedroom - which was peaceful and quiet. Within minutes he fell asleep and slept for three hours.
When he woke up I fed him and kept him up for an hour and a half as I had errands to do, but when we came home I swaddled him again and lay him back down. And he slept for three hours.

I maintained that schedule - wake, eat, play, swaddle, sleep. Sometimes he would play first and then eat just before going to sleep. But I tried to not let him be awake for more than one and half to two hours at a time.
And you know what?! That first night he slept for four hours, nursed, and then slept for another four hours. I didn't know what to do with myself after the first solid four hours of sleep I got! I felt so rested and good!
The next day we kept up the schedule, and that night he again slept for four hour stretches.

And then the next night he slept for five straight hours!
And the next night.

I know it sounds silly to say "The more he sleeps during the day, the better he will sleep at night" - but it has been proven with both my boys. I am hoping soon that he will soon sleep even longer periods of time, but for now I am grateful for the five hours he is sleeping and am beginning to feel like a whole new person just for getting those extra couple of hours!!


The Rock Chick said...

I found the same thing to be true with my kids. When they were overtired by not sleeping enough during the day, they actually slept less at night. They are all different, though. I had one that just didn't need as much sleep as the others and still doesn't.

Nicole said...

That is great Jessica! 5 hours in a row is pretty good. I'm so glad you figured out what to do. Very smart! So glad you are getting more sleep now. I hope this keeps up.

Jeanie said...

You're so good with your kids, Jess.

Adam slept through the night from 6 or 7 weeks until 32 weeks when he started teething. So it's up twice a night for us (most nights). I can't wait for all his teeth to get in -- poor kid. At least he goes down right away after a diaper change, feed and snuggle. Woo. (Most nights, anyway. Last night was rough for a little bit.)

Your boys are so cute.

Jessica said...

I don't think that sounds silly at all! Granted, I only have two weeks of experience, but when Leah sleeps a lot during the day she sleeps a lot at night....and the reverse is also true. Doesn't make sense, maybe, but it's very true.

Bethany said...

I am so grateful that Josh slept for as long as he did when he was a few months old. Even when I was waking up twice a night to feed him, I ended up getting heart palpitations, which happens when I am over tired. I couldn't imagine having to wake up every three hours for six months straight. I am very glad this schedule change is helping. Hope Wezzy sleeps all the way through soon!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

yay for sleep!!!

And he's just so cute

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