Happy Birthday!

Paul's birthday is tomorrow, but he's far away from us working and won't be back to celebrate for quite awhile. So this evening I took the boys out to eat and told myself it was us celebrating his birthday. We even made him the above card on the kids menu :)

Judah impressed me with how well behaved he was. He was slightly squirmy, but I was so proud of him. Judah was quite entertained by the light fixtures, my car keys and the people that were leaving the restaurant. Wesley chilled out in his car seat the whole time watching us and chowing on a toy.

Just before the waiter came to collect payment I gave Judah my debit card and told him he could pay for dinner. He was so excited to hand over the debit card all by himself, and even offered an unprompted "Thank you" to the server.


mel said...

I like that kid. :)

Jen said...

aww how cute!

Crystal said...

So cute. :)

Happy birthday (a little late), Paul!

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