As Wesley becomes more and more independent Judah seems to becoming more dependent.
Now that Wesley sits in the high chair, Judah now wants to sit in the high chair again - even though he'd "graduated" to a normal chair months ago.
With Wesley being spoon fed baby food, Judah wants to be spoon fed baby food.

The other day I was feeding Wesley, and after giving Judah a taste of it, he said;

"More some?" (his own version of 'some more.')

I said; "How are you suppose to ask for something Judah?"

He said; "Oh." "More some, Je-ke-ka?"

It is a daily occurrence that he slips my first name into a conversation one way or another. I don't ever give him a reaction, other than ignoring any requests until he switches to "mommy", but I couldn't help but smile at that. It was quite hysterical.

I responded with; "No Judah, what's the proper thing you're suppose to say?"

And he paused again and then said "Oh - more some please?"

He has impressed me with his manners. While he definitely needs reminders every single day on saying Please, Thank you and Excuse me he does have moments where he will say them unprompted, and that is so encouraging to see!

Other than ignoring him calling me by my first name are there any ideas on how to get him to stop calling me Je-ke-ka?

It started after we'd had a bunch of house guests here kind of in a row, I guess he heard everyone else calling me Jessica, and it stuck in his head. But it's been 2 months now and it hasn't left his head!


Anonymous said...

jack calls me ash and ash-e.... when he does it i tell him that my name to him is mom or mommy! and then he changes... just be patient and keep reminding him! and he will start to say please and thank you more on his own.... its so cute whn jack says it "tanks!" hahah!

Anonymous said...

*_^ Hello Je-ke-ka,
Maybe asked Paul to call you "mommy" until Judah get used to calling you "mommy" again.
I love reading your blog,
^_^ Eder

Crystal said...

I'm not a parent or anything, but it seems to me like learning your real name and who you are to other people is part of learning for him. I mean, it's probably a little confusing to him. :)

Not that that helps, but I don't think it's abnormal. I've heard lots of parents complain about it. I'm sure you've tried it, but what about saying something like "Yes, Jessica is my name, but I like it when you call me mommy since that's who I am to you." Probably a dumb suggestion, but there you go.

BeckeyZ said...

It is normal, When Ben was much younger he would use my first name occasionally. I would pretty much ignor it, but when he would call me mommy, I would get a big smile on my face and tell him that it makes my heart happy when he called me 'mommy'. He'd still slip up every now and then, but he hasn't done it in ages.

The Rock Chick said...

All of our kids called us Jess and Steve at one point or another. After the 2nd one, it finally dawned on me that it's probably because that's what my husband and I call each other. I referred to Steve as "Daddy"to the kids, but of course when I spoke to him, I called him Steve. It's just mimicking and it will pass.

Jeanie said...

Would it work if you reminded him how "lucky" he is that HE gets to call you MOMMY?

Like it's your little secret --- oh, only the inner circle gets to call me MOMMY -- I save it for you and Wesley, buddy....

Maybe make it a big deal? And I agree with the others to ask Paul to call you Mommy for a while till he gets it back down.

My sister Jessica used to call herself Gock-ee-kuh. Sort of like Je-ke-ka. We still call her Gocky once in a while. She's 26 now.

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