Happy Birthday!!

Judah's first birthday.


Judah's birthday balloons

Dear Judah -

You are now two. There are small remnants of your babyhood left - like the fact that you *ahem* still wear diapers. And that you still sleep in a crib. But all other signs of babyhood are gone. You are a full blown, sentence making (though not always sense...), daredevil boy.

It is fascinating to watch you grow and learn.

You are the perfect blend of your daddy and of me and, most importantly, your own self.

You are seemingly fearless, like your daddy. And yet equally affectionate and thoughtful, also just like your daddy. You know how to make things work for you, just like daddy. You know that giving me kisses at night time will extend your bedtime for as long as the kisses continue. And that finding the longest book possible for daddy to read to you will extend your bedtime when he puts you to bed. You and daddy share an odd love for hot sauce - hotter foods than I can handle!

Daddy groans about a lot of things and says "Wow, he is JUST like you." Things like the amount you chatter - especially just before going to sleep, the fact that you don't sleep on long car trips, that you smile at strangers until they smile at you, that you love milk, your love for simple things like flashing lights and balloons and your restlessness when you sleep.You thrash around in your sleep, which is why you are still in a crib. I was still falling out of my bed (in my sleep) at 18, so you definitely get that from me. (But don't worry, we'll let you out of a crib long before 18!)

You have started saying to me "Mommy, go see people?!" when you feel like we've been in the house too long. I love that about you. You are most definitely a people person, and it is something that we want to encourage in you.

You do so many funny things - you love to make people laugh and I think you intentionally put on a show to get daddy and me to laugh. Another new thing you've started is at bedtime hollering out "Helloooooo Daddy! Daddy? It's JUDAH!" Even though it may seem like we are ignoring you, daddy and I are sitting in the other room cracking up.

You are very helpful - you love taking things to the garbage, helping me in the kitchen, carrying in some of the groceries, singing to Wesley and setting the table.
You are equally as unhelpful - you love provoking your brother when he is trying to go to sleep, taking all your books off your bookshelf in the hunt for that 'last book before bed', pulling out all the pots and pans when we cook together, coloring on things that shouldn't be colored on or sticking your hand in the toilet bowl.

You love to be busy and spend a ridiculous amount of time simply running around our dining room table. It is hilarious how much that entertains you.
You have a great imagination, and sometimes feed us and yourself imaginary raisins.
You love wearing shoes and often times I put you to bed with your shoes on because it is easier to let you sleep in them than to have a full out battle just to take them off you.
You have a curiosity about life, and while I love it, it has also been the cause of many phone calls to Poison Control. You've drank glass cleaner, kitchen disinfectant, hair mousse, hair spray, deodorant and body wash. Most of them you declared "yummy."

I am excited about the start of another year with you.

I am so proud of you and I love you so much and I am so, so glad that you are mine.
Happy Birthday JuJubes!!


Not that anyone else other than a sentimental mother really care, but Judah's birth story and pictures can be seen HERE.


Amber said...

He sounds like a really fun, cool kid.

Jen said...

How sweet :)

Happy Birthday Judah!

Bethany said...

I loved reading this. This letter, and the ones like it that are to come, will surely be treasured by a young man someday.

Bethany said...

What a lovely birthday message about a wonderful little boy! :-)

Crystal said...

Awww, what a sweet letter... made me all teary eyed. :)

You're such a good mama!

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