Getting Ahead of Ourselves

Picture take Summer 2004

We pulled into the gym parking lot this evening and were shocked at how full it was - there weren't any empty parking places and there were several other cars doing the vulture drive around the parking lot, looking for someone to follow to their car in hopes of grabbing that spot.

Paul turned to me and said "Wow, it's never this crowded on a Friday night."
And I said "I know, this is really weird... why did everyone decide to work out at the start of their weekend?"

And then we realized.
It was Thursday night.
And we felt dumb.
And we decided not to work out, because the plan was to workout on Friday. Not Thursday.
So we left and went out to dinner instead.

And before you judge us for not working out, let me explain our "nursery theory"... it is really the boys fault we didn't work out on the Friday night that turned out to really be Thursday night.
See, we figure that most of the parents that go to the gym in the evening are ones that work all day, which means their kids have been in daycare all day. Which means they're sharing some Super Viruses with the other day care kiddos.

But my kids are sheltered. They don't get out much. And I don't want them getting sick.

I generally workout in the morning, with all the other stay-at-home-mommy's who, generally, stay home from the gym when their kidlets are sick, which means my boys don't get sick.
And Friday evenings the gym is pretty empty, because most people have fun things to do on Friday night. Everyone but us. Which is cool, because there is no one there to get my boys sick.

But a Friday-night-turned-Thursday-night in the gym nursery?! It's too much of a risk for us... so all our good intentions of working out were shot down because of our boys.

And we felt quite dumb for not even knowing what day of the week it was.

But dinner was good. Thanks for asking :)


Jen said...

good plan though :p

Crystal said...


That's pretty sad. Funny, but also sad. ;)

Petula said...

LOL... that's pretty funny and I think I have to agree with Crystal. :D Sorry!

I hope you guys get to go this Friday. Oh... yea... so dinner was good, huh? :)

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