True Love

I discovered a new hunting ground for coupons - gas stations! It seems an unlikely spot, but my sweet man discovered this treasure trove.

Yesterday we were on our way to a local driving range to hit some golf balls around and Paul stopped at a gas station to by me an Icee. A blue one. You know a man loves you when he'll buy his woman a blue Icee prior to the date. Blue tongue, blue lips, blue teeth. What could be more romantic then that?

Anyways.... so he is in the gas station and found some Coke and some Dasani water coupons just sitting in there. He grabbed a few of them and gave them to me when he got in the car.

It was more romantic and sweet to me than a bouquet of flowers would've been. My man *gets* me. He's a coupon convert. And he didn't even make fun of me for gushing over them. In fact I could see the wheels spinning in his head "Wow... all I need to do is find some coupons for her and she'll think it's romantic? Dude, why didn't I realize this before?"

Today I stopped at two more gas stations. Under the guise of getting another Icee. Or maybe checking for coupons was my excuse for buying an Icee ... regardless - I found coupons at the first gas station, and I bought an Icee there. I found nothing at the second one, and didn't buy anything at the second one.

At the first gas station the lady rung up my size Large Icee for the price of a Medium Icee. Large is about .20 cents more than a Medium - I caught the mistake and told her I thought she was charging me too little.
She looked at me like I was talking jibberish and said "huh?"
I told her that I'd ordered a Large, and I thought it was a bit more than what she was charging me.
She said "Oh, uh... I guess I can charge you more then."
As she starts to re-ring it I told her "It's not that I want you charging me more, it's just I don't want you to get in trouble for not having charged enough."

I have never seen such a quick transformation in a person before. It's not that she'd been mean prior to that, but she'd been grumpy and not pleasant. After I said that to her though she became sweet and pleasant and smiled.

Being under charged by .20 cents might not seem like such a big deal - and to be honest if I'd only noticed once I'd already gotten out the door I probably wouldn't of walked back in- but I am so, so glad that I was able to put a smile on someones face simply because I paid the .20 cents I owed the store anyway.

Back to yesterdays date... here are a couple pictures of us at the driving range. Wesley was with us too, but he snoozed in his car seat the entire time.
If you've never been to a driving range I suggest you try it out! It's a really fun activity, and the man that worked there even came out to give us some pointers! It was really nice of him. Though I remain helplessly bad at it.


Rachel said...

I thought that me and MY hubby were the only ones who went on dates to the driving range. I honestly enjoy it. Do you like to golf?

Bethany said...

I like how you guys golf barefoot :P That's the way I do it too. Has he taken you to the real course yet? I stink at it, but it is still fun.

Good work Paul on finding a new coupon hangout! I'll have to check there too.

Jessica said...

Ohmygoodness. That's Wedges and Woods. I've been there with Scott. He goes there all the time.

I cannot believe we're in the same town.

How is this possible?

Jessica said...

I don't see your email address......though I'm blind and probably just missing it. I've put mine up. If you go into my profile a link is there for emailing. I won't leave it there forever, though.....too many crazies out there, y'know?

It'd be very cool to meet! Not too many random folks get to "meet" in the blogosphere and then meet in person!

Julie said...

Jessica, I just got your comment on my blog that you prayed for me today. It must be working since I just looked at our calendar (the next year that he'll be gone) and thought to myself "this won't be so bad at all". Thank you so very much. I know it is the prayers of you and others that is keeping me strong right now. Bless you!

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