No No!

We have a linen closet in our hallway that seems to beg Judah to open it. He isn't allowed to open it, but the temptation is great, and I often catch him with his grubby little hands reaching for the door knob.
"No, no Judah. We don't open that door. Mommy has all her towels and sheets neatly folded in there."
Usually that will stop him from opening it. He is generally very good at verbal instruction.

The other day I saw him watching himself in the mirror on the closet door. He reached his hand up to the knob and then quickly pulled it back saying "NO NO JUDAH!"

A second later his little hand was reaching for the knob again. And a second time he pulled it back saying "No! No Judah!"

He repeated that a third time, at which point I dissolved into a fit of laughter, which startled him from his temptation and he joined me in laughing, although he didn't know what at.

While his little escapade was funny it made me think about us and how we play with sin. God's word has laid out for us what is wrong and sinful, and yet so many times we try and see how close we can get. Instead of staying away from the "closet door" we stand in front of it, trying to reach it, wanting desperately to open it. Knowing it's wrong. Telling ourselves it is wrong. But not able to walk away from the lure of sin.

Nineteen months into this parenting thing has taught me so much more about God and His love and His grace than my twenty one years of life prior to being a mum.


Jessica said...

Awesome post, Jessica! I've heard this from so many people - about how our children can teach us more about God than we ever thought possible - and I have to say that while I know it's going to be harder than I can imagine now, I can't wait to see how He reveals Himself to me in my daughter.

Crystal said...

Haha, that is so cute. :)

mum said...

Interesting...you even made the "sin side" of the closet more attractive by putting it in color!!!!!

Kim said...

I love it!! What a smart little boy.

Bethany said...

Wow... An insight for the day. And how true it is of us.

It's good to know that children can be good at obeying verbal instruction. That means there is hope for us!

Di said...

Awesome analogy!! And soooo true!

Bethany said...

Hilarious - and adorable!!! :-)

The Rock Chick said...

That is a great analogy! I miss those days when my kids would do something like that. I woul, too, have fits of laughter. Enjoy every one of these moments. I know you hear it all the time, but I mean it.

My kids still make me laugh, though. My 14 year old daughter asked me yesterday how much money was in her wedding fund to which I replied BWAHAHAHHAHAHA (seriously, I was cying). I asked why she would even ask such a thing and she said she saw a wedding dress at the mall and decided she's going to have BIG wedding. LOL

Kids! So cute!!!

Fire Hunt said...

Awesome post and I love the photo.

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