Bye Bye!

A Wesley sandwich

Esther's flight left at 1. The boys and I took her to the airport after one final stop at McDonald's for two large vanilla ice coffees. Our local McDonald's has made a ridiculous amount of money off us the past four weeks!

But anyways... can you imagine waking two little boys and carrying them in all their just-awoken-glory into an airport terminal? Me neither.
So Esther was dropped off at the door and sadly she didn't get any kisses or hugs or "bye bye's" from Judah. He snoozed the entire time. I tried to awake him so he could see her leaving, but he would have none of it.

Hopefully Esther made the flight and her bags didn't go over the allotted weight limit! Because on top of buying iced coffee she bought STUFF too. And I gave her stuff. Almost an entire collection of shoes.

See, Paul isn't one of those oblivious husbands. He notices things. And has thoughts on things. And I care what his thoughts are. For the most part. He hated most of the shoes I had when we got married. It took me three years to really care, but I have finally gotten rid of almost every pair of Paul-hated shoes. I think the only Paul-hated shoes are a pair of boots that I love. The boots can take the hate.
The shoes, however, are happily on their way up north to a new closet where they'll be worn and loved.

We're going to miss you Esther! Thanks for everything.


Jessica said...

Yeah.....Scott's the same way with a lot of my shoes. I love the trendy flats that are everywhere now, but he swears they look like old lady shoes and cringes every time I put them on. I love them, so I wear them anyway, but I have to admit I feel a little badly for it.

Rachel said...

Where does Esther live?

Jen said...

my sweetie hates my flats ballerina type shoes...he also thinks they look like something an older lady would wear :/ lol

You cant get rid of your boots though lol

mum said...

Thank you for finally sending Esther home...we missed her too...well her brothers say they didn't!!

Esther said...

:'( I miss you guys too!

Crystal said...

D hates some of my clothes/shoes, and I hate some of his. We survive. And laugh a lot. lol :P

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