Bloggy friends are so cool. I have never met CRYSTAL in real life, but we faithfully read and comment on each others blogs. We e-mail occasionally and we've even traded bags of tea with each other. We both have this thing for tea.
She makes gorgeous jewelry and I've ordered a few pieces from her.

She sent Wesley an outfit, and he's modeling the shirt above. The shorts are a tad too big still and the vest is too hot right now.

I did take pictures of him in the complete outfit, but I just got a new laptop and it doesn't yet have my photo editing program on it... and Wes has red eyes in the pictures. So the full outfit pictures will have to wait :)

So yes folks, I did get a new laptop. It is so cool :) Paul went with me on Saturday and he made me so proud.
Our sales dude was a man named Xavier. He was nice and he knew his stuff. But so did Paul. Paul is pretty smart about computer stuff and Xavier couldn't actually tell Paul anything he didn't already know.

It made me laugh because at one point Xavier points to a sticker on a laptop and said "I know, I know - you're going to ask me what the difference is between this (pointing at an AMD sticker) and INTEL."
Two days earlier Paul had spent a lengthy amount of time explaining all of it to me. So I found it funny because Paul definitely knew the difference - and how to explain it. But Paul's so gracious he let Xavier tell us the difference. I think it made Xavier feel good.

Which is, I believe, exactly what Paul wanted. Paul wanted Xavier to like us. Because once we'd finally picked out the laptop Paul said to him;
"So Xavier, are there any items you're able to toss in to make the deal even sweeter? Incentives or anything?"

Xavier liked us, because he offered us everything that he was able to give out. We got a free (after mail in rebate) lap top bag, Anti Virus software, wireless router and a printer/scanner combo.

I am slowly getting everything from my old laptop moved over to my new laptop, so blogging may be slow. I haven't gone anywhere though! I'll be blogging more again shortly.


Stacy said...

Yay for a new laptop! Mine was a birthday gift last year and its great! We got a display model, which knocked another $100 off of the already on sale price.

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

yea! a new laptop!!!

I want a new one too!! LOL but hubby will kill me, I just got this one last year when school started, I LOVE it, but a new one is always nice to play with!

What photo editing software do you use?

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

opps, I almost forgot, your boys are looking sharp!!

Bethany said...

Aw, what nice bloggy friends you have ;) And Crystal can sure pick cute outfits! Wesley is so adorable in his new suit.

Tammy said...

Wesley's picture popped up right beside Paul holding Judah. They look like twins except for the eye color. Both of them cute as a button. (Why are buttons cute?)

Bethany said...

I keep on checking in on you and I started to wonder where you had gone off to, but then I reread your last paragraph. Silly me!

Jessica said...

Congrats on the new laptop! Fun times!

You've been awarded.......come on over to my blog and check it out! =D

Crystal said...

I'm glad you like the outfit. :)

Yay on the new laptop! Isn't it nice having a computer savvy man?

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