I am - very slowly! - making my way through Dr. Dobson's book Bringing Up Boys. I love the book. I am already completely enthralled with my two little men, but this book has me excited about all the stages that are to come. It is an encouraging and positive book. I borrowed it from a friend, but I think I'll get my own copy.

Judah is a very busy boy. He amazes me with how gentle he is with his brother. He will stop mid-activity to go kiss Wesley. He puts his arms out to "hold" Wesley, and we let him (with our arms underneath!) Judah will hold his brother for all of 5 seconds, and then will wander off.
Both boys cry if the other one is crying.

Right now it's cute. The day I am on my own with two crying boys I think I'll start crying with them :)

Judah is starting to notice Paul's absence more now. Paul has affectionately dubbed Judah "Buppy" and when Judah is missing Paul he walks around chanting "Daddy, Buppy, Daddy, Buppy." Paul gave him a camo print Bible and he carries that around with him too.

Last night Paul sneezed and Judah thought it was hilarious, so they "sneezed" at each other for a good 15 minutes. This morning when Judah was down for a nap I happened to sneeze as I walked by his door. I could hear him jump up in his crib and he said "Daddy?!"

The other day I was unloading the dryer and Judah put a toy in it. I pulled the toy out and tossed it a few feet away. Judah said "Uh oh!" and went and got the toy, and put it back in the dryer. We repeated that cycle until the dryer was emptied of clothes and I could close the door :)

Judah's developing a passion for books. I need to hit up some yard sales and get him some new ones... we're all rather tired of the 10 Little Lady Bugs, Goodnight Gorilla, The Growing Carrot and his Medical/Body book. He'll carry a book over to one of us, tug at our hand and say "Ba!" with great enthusiasm.

Balls, bottles and books are all "ba" - those are three of his favorite things, but he won't call any of them by name.
He's picked up on the fact that my name is Jessica, and sometimes when chattering to Esther or Paul he will call me Jessica instead of mommy or mama. He's never once tried calling Paul anything other than dadda or daddy.
While he's not allowed to call me 'Jessica' (just in case anyone's wondering!!) I do think it's rather smart of him to of pieced it together.
Wesley still remains nameless to him.


Di said...

Jessica, they are both sooooo precious!!! And boy, could I have used that book when my son was growing up,lol. I only had sisters and had no idea what to do with a boy. It's an adventure, I'll tell you that.

Anonymous said...

Having two of each I completely understand the joy of having boys! (and girls for that matter) It is an adventure!

Judah's curls are absolutely adorable! Honey, he's gonna have girls just falling all over him when he gets older!

Bethany said...

Your boys are precious. You guys make some beautiful babies!!!

Bethany said...

Was it you who asked for suggestions on good books a while back? If so, I may remember suggestion that book. Not read by me, but my mother, who very much enjoyed reading it.

I LOVE the picture of Judah... He looks like such a wild man!

Crystal said...

Aww, very sweet. :)

The Rock Chick said...

Very cute! That's funny he called you Jessica and it's so amazing how kids put things together. When I was little I once called my parents Mommy and Tommy, only because that's what they called each other. Kids learn quick!!!!

When Judah does "name" his brother it will probably stick like glue. My oldest couldn't pronounce Erica when Erica was born and for whatever reason it came out as "Awinka" and she would call her Winky. Guess what???? "Winky" is 14 now and we still call her that! LOL

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