Days in Pictures

My dad, brother Caleb and sister Esther arrived on Thursday afternoon, it was a short visit with everyone, and then this morning dad, Caleb and mum headed home, and Esther is here until the end of the month.
It was a fun time together.

Judah wearing his uncle's hat and aunt's sunglasses:
Judah was all about trying on peoples stuff - here he is in his grandpa's glasses:
Wesley and me
Judah and his aunt Essie
Judah and Grandpa had matching boots!
Judah and Grandpa modeling said boots:
Wesley and Grandma cuddling:
Aunt Essie and the boys:
Uncle Caleb cuddling with his nephews:
Caleb was so cute with the boys!! Friday night, after Judah was in bed, Caleb and I were looking over some pictures from earlier and he says "Man, I miss that kid (talking about Judah). Even though he is just sleeping in the other room I miss him." So sweet :)
My parents and my boys and me:


moredayslikethisplease said...

Cute boys Jessica! I love that first one AND that one of the boys with their uncle Caleb!


Bethany said...

Looks like you had a great time with your family!! What a good-looking bunch of relatives you've got, not the least of which are the impossibly cute little ones!!!

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

Beautiful family and beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Bethany said...

Aw, I'm so glad that you could have your family visit. It's gotta be SO hard living far away from them. Family is the one reason I couldn't ever really think about moving far away. Looks like everyone had a blast! And your sister looks a lot like you!

Jen said...

aww how precious! great pictures. Im glad you have a lovely time with your family!

Crystal said...

Lovely family you have there. :)

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