My sister took this picture and it makes me smile - he looks like a mad scientist. :)

Paul is gone this whole week, and last week he pretty much only slept here. He had some ridiculous hours and we barely saw him.
I miss him.

Someone commented to me and said "Well, it would be better if he were deployed overseas, that way at least you'd be making more money."

Nope. I'm sorry. It wouldn't be better. Paul and I don't complain about his work schedule. We are grateful for his job. God so very clearly led us to where we are right now and we feel blessed.

Certainly we'd like to have regular hours, a routine and not so many overnights ... but we don't have it. And yet we are content.

It is possible that one day he could be deployed. It's actually quite astounding that he hasn't yet been deployed. And while I am grateful that my boys have their daddy here and that I have my husband here it would be ok - in fact we would still be blessed and find contentment - if he were deployed. It wouldn't be easy. Or fun. Or our first choice. But we would be ok. And I would be so proud of him.

But until that does happen please don't ever tell me that it would be better for him to be deployed overseas for more money than for him to work an 18 hour shift day after day here.
I'd rather have him safe in my arms than any amount of money a deployment could offer.


moredayslikethisplease said...

Preach it sister!!
I for one am THRILLED that your boys have their daddy around! One of the kindergartners I worked with last year, a 1st grader this year, spent the better part of her kindergarten year eagerly awaiting her daddy's return. The week he returned home she could hardly contain her excitement and the day he came home little Emma was in school but the first thing he did when he got into town was to meet up with his wife and the second thing he did was to pick his daughter up from school! It was the most emotional pick up I've ever witnessed!

Bethany said...

Indeed you are blessed to have your man around. I wonder how anyone could think it would be better to be making more money than to have your husband be safe at home?

Bethany said...

And I love that picture of Judah. Mad scientist is right!

Rachel said...

I totally agree. No amount of money can replace an awesome hubby!

And Judah is an adorable "mad scientist"!

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

I bet whoever told you that isn't a military spouse! LOL

I spent 18 months without my husband during his deployment to Korea. He missed so much and no the "extra" money didn't make up for it cause there really isn't any "extra" when you are supporting 2 households on one check.

It was the longest deployment of my life and no matter what we will never get those 18 months he missed back.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Jessica!!! (I was going to say "preach it sister", but someone beat me to it!!!) mum

mum said...

P.S. I think Judah looks like he discovered the spinach in those killer brownies!! mum

Crystal said...

Wow, what a strange thing to say. (That's the nicest comment I have about that!)

The photo is hilarious. He looks like he's planning world domination. Mwahahaha!!

morriscrew7 said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful attitude in what could be a situation to cause compaint and grumbling. I am so glad you are my son's wife!
Love you!

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