I spent a lot of time trying to think what the most efficient means to coupon organizing would be for me. What works for one does not work for another. Believe it or not there are tons and tons of different way to organize these little pieces of paper.
I had organized them before, but the system wasn't working for me. This time I think it'll last.

So here it is - my pink binder:

You open it up an my scissors, pen and post it flags are right there (so is my contact info in case it gets lost! But it's all blurred out... just in case one of you are stalking me ;)

I have used baseball card holders to hold each coupon. The coupons are categorized (and tabbed) - there is "Baby" "Free - or nearly free - After Coupon", "Commonly Used Groceries", "Paper Products", etc.

The categories are for all the coupons that I get in the mail or pick up in stores.
The actual weekly coupon inserts that come in the mail (there is a Smart Source insert and a Red Plum insert, and once a month a Procter and Gamble insert) are clipped and filed according to which insert it came in.
Each insert has its own section, and they are in order - and labeled - by date.
I follow a lot of websites that let you know what deals and coupons line up with each other, and this way I can find the correct insert and coupon quickly.

I have managed to find a way to get 5 - 15 extra coupon inserts a week. Those inserts I keep intact, organized by which insert they come from and the date. The actual coupon book logs how many of each insert I have, so if I know there is a great deal on something I will clip the coupon from the extra inserts and place them in a special place in my coupon book.

So there you have it - my coupon book :) Perhaps a little OCD. But hey... it helps me keep better track of the deals and makes me feel organized! Now if only my kitchen were so fine tuned!


Bethany said...

Oh my.... Definitely OCD! Good work though. Wish I could be that organized!

Jen said...


Stacy said...

Nice! I don't use a lot of coupons, so I only clip and keep ones for things I know will get used or donated. Even so, I'm seriously considering redoing my binder with baseball card pages so that each coupon can have its own slot. I use 4x6 photo pages now, and coupons tend to get lost and overlooked in there.

The Rock Chick said...

Wow! So organized! I wanted to let you know hat I did finally go to CVS for the first time and ended up with 5 bonus bucks! Wooo Hooooo!!!! Now I just have to find stuff to buy that will give me something almost free and get more bonus bucks. I think I'm figuring it out! LOL

mel said...

Wow! Nicely done!!

Jessica said...

You probably think I'm kidding or crazy or both, but I seriously think I need lessons from you on how you do this stuff. If I'm going to be a SAHM, I need to learn any and all tricks to make it easier on my family. I try, but I'm nowhere near as successful as you are.

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