Death Row

A while ago Jessica Seinfeld was on Oprah talking about her cookbook Deceptively Delicious.
The idea behind these recipes is that you puree vegetables and 'hide' them in the dishes so that your children are eating vegetables without actually knowing that they're eating vegetables.

On the show Jessica Seinfeld had an assortment of dishes from her cookbook that she'd made ahead of time for Oprah to sample. One such item was brownies. 'Death Row Brownies' as Jessica said her husband, actor Jerry Seinfeld, calls them. He calls them that because he thinks they're the best brownies in the world and if he were on Death Row he would pick those as his final meal.

These brownies were said to have pureed carrots and pureed spinach in them. Yes folks, that should have been a sign. Spinach and Carrot Chocolate Brownies. Doesn't that make your taste buds tingle?!
Regardless of how icky it sounds it did have me curious. And then Oprah took a bite and SHE declared them delicious.

This past week I was shopping and found the cookbook on sale. I adore cookbooks, and I was already curious about this one AND it was on sale. It was too much of a coincidence to pass up on. I had to have that cookbook. So have the cookbook I did.

At the ravings of Jerry Seinfeld and Oprah I decided that these 'Death Row' Brownies would be the very first thing I tried making. So on Saturday my brother and I made these.
Let me tell you this - I totally agree with Jerry that these are Death Row Brownies. But not for the same reason as him.

These brownies could be used as a means of torture to kill victims on death row.

They were the grossest thing I have ever intentionally created in my kitchen.
Either Oprah has strong gag reflexes and lied on public television or she has an odd sense of 'delicious.'

I'm willing to accept the slim possibility that maybe I did something wrong with these brownies to make them taste like you were eating moldy dirt (my sisters description.)
Against all logic and common sense I am going to attempt to make this recipe again. I really do want to like them. And I'd love to be able to eat a brownie and say "there, I've eaten my veggies today. Might as well eat another plateful." *grin*


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear I wish you would have asked about these! I could have told you that they were awful! These are the ONLY brownies that I served my family and they, even my 14 year old garbage can of a teenager, refused to finish! For us it was a big waste of carrots!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the tip,I won't even try making them. I'll stick to the fattening, non healthy ones!

Di said...

Thanks for being the guinea pig!!! I was curious about these, too. Not anymore!

Anonymous said...

have you tired any other recipes? i saw this oprah too and have been sooooo interested in it! please let me know if its worth buying for the other recipes!!!! ashleigh

Bethany said...

Ew. So Oprah lied on public television? And obviously Jerry Seinfeld called them "death row" brownies for a different reason than his wife said he did. But good work trying to be healthy!

Anonymous said...

I xcaan't imagine trying them but thanks anyway. I will stick to my tried and true. I do love you top pictures that come up each time. Why is your face encirled with a square. Love AP

Jen said...

:( that sounds scary

Anonymous said...

haha... my mom has that cookbook :)


Bethany said...

HAHA!!! The spinach should have given it away. Maybe next time, try it with only the carrots. After all, carrot cake is pretty good, right? Funny, funny story. :-D

The Rock Chick said...

OK, Jessica, I've heard of people using "funny ingredients" in brownies before, but never carrots!!!!

Seriously? Carrots in the brownies? I like veggies and maybe veggies drizzled in chocolate might be more tolerable than those brownies. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

P.S. I've heard Jessica Seinfeld is a weirdo ;)

Crystal said...

Hmmm, weird. I wonder what was the offensive ingredient. Spinach is pretty neutral and carrots are sweet.

Oprah is evil, so you should never trust her. Unless you're on her favorite things shows. Then she's ok.

The Rock Chick said...

I couldn't resist and I featured your Death Row Brownie article in my latest blog entry ;)

Nicole said...

Haha they sound gross!

Oprah must be even crazier than I thought :P

Jenny McB said...

Gross, definitely the spinach would be the ingredient to leave out. I was just over at the Rock chick's and had to come by to check out your post.

Like I wrote over there, I found a recipe for chocolate zucchini cake and can honestly say that it was delicious. It is possible to hide vegies...but I guess the death row brownies are not the way to go.

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