These are my new favorite addiction - Bath & Body Works candles. They smell amazing and are such beautiful colors and they have a huge selection of scents to chose from! They're kind of expensive at $19.50 a candle, but this week they have them for Buy 1 Get 1 Free. And every time you buy something from the store there is a number on the bottom of your receipt that you can call, answer a brief survey, and then get $10 off your next $30 or more purchase.
So I managed to get those four candles, an $80 value, for $30 today. I have been sniffing them all evening :)


Fire Hunt said...

I love candles, but my hubby not as mush. (It could have to do with his jod)

Nicole said...

Candle sniffer! I only like candles if they aren't too strong. I like citrus candles the best!

I've had my blog since tuesday :o)

The Rock Chick said...

I love candles!!!! We always light one at work and I find it very relaxing. I haven't trued these yet but Lilac is one of my fave scents.

When I stop at the mall today, I'm going to get some since they're on a deal. Thanks for the tip, Deal Queen!

mel said...

I love those candles, but never buy one since they are spendy!

...Maybe I'll go to B&B Works today! :)

Fire Hunt said...

My hubby is a Fire Fighter, so he sees candles as job security.

Meagan said...

I used to get paid to shove those candles in people's faces. :P

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