Playing in the Night

The other night Judah woke about 5 in the morning. I held him and rocked him for awhile, and he eventually ended up with his head resting on my belly. The baby kicked Judah's head and Judah looked up at me in bewilderment, then rested his head back on my belly.
A few moments later the baby kicked him again. This time Judah giggled and pushed his head hard into my belly.
It was a sweet moment, my two kiddos playing together for the very first time :)


Jessica said...


Fire Hunt said...

I loved it when my little one would kick in my belly. my big boys loved it to. Now he is kicking an it is not fun.

Bethany said...

Awww :)

The Rock Chick said...

really sweet moment, indeed! I love the black and wite pic of Judah. With those eyes, he looks like a supermodel :)

Crystal said...

Awww. :)

Those are cute photos. The jean jacket - cute!!

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