Doggy Door

Judah has a love for boxes, and the rocker that we got last weekend came in a wonderfully huge box that he has been enjoying.
Yesterday we had this great idea - we stuck the box in the door frame leading out to our back porch - it was wide enough to fill it. Judah could be inside or outside.

And with this little doggy door he could come inside to his toys and food =)
He loved it! And it entertained him for quite awhile.
I love things that entertain him! =)


Bethany said...

We always LOVED boxes when we were kids. They are indeed the best toys!

Crystal said...

Hah, that's cute. But umm, what's the scary spiky thing on the floor by his hand?

Mel's Mom said...

Boxes do make the best entertainment!

Becoming Me said...

Very fun!

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