Life Got Cuter

We are dog sitting two dogs this week and Judah just loves having two backyard pals! If he isn't out there trying to pet them he is standing at the back door watching them. It's cute. But no, still doesn't make me want my own dog.

Judah giving Ginger a treat:
Judah having a change of heart and trying to get the treat for himself:
Judah and Ginger searching for more treats:
Ginger begging and Judah in wonder at the dog on two legs:


trying said...

cute puppy and kid pics, I'm with you, no doggy here anytime soon. I'm only cleaning up the poop of things I have given birth too for the time being.

Becoming Me said...

Very cute. I love pix of kids and animals. So precious.

The Rock Chick said...

awww cute pics!!! See, I just found one difference between us! I would have like fifteen dogs if I had room for them! LOL Right now we have one dog, one cat, 3 tanks of fish and a hamster. I usually have had at least two dogs, but when I had to put my Bailey down last summer, it killed me. Can't replace him yet, but I did get a kitty :)

Bethany said...

Awww, I like the first one. My hubby decided to get a puppy last summer and by the time Josh was born in October, she was all trained. We don't have a dull moment around here with a dog, a cat, a baby and a husband to clean up after!

Fire Hunt said...

I like the photos. We have a dog it is not to bad, just one more thing to do.

Crystal said...

Those are way cute. At first I was all excited because I thought you got a dog.

Tease! ;)

Kristen said...

Adorable! Dogs are always a blast to have around.... as long as they don't dig and have "accidents". :)

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