My Bad

I was going to announce today that I was going to start trying a new recipe a day for the next week - with pictures and each new recipe being posted. But I'm already off to a miserable start as this mornings cooking adventure is not very good, so I won't post the recipe. It sounded delicious tho, so I'm going to have to find another recipe for Chai Biscuits.

Judah actually loved the biscuits, but I think it was only because they had icing on them and he was on a sugar high from them and couldn't tell that they tasted gross.
Since I don't have a cool new recipe to share I'm going to put a plug in for our current favorite tv show ... Corner Gas. It's a Canadian comedy, tho I do know it plays down here sometimes, but I don't know which station plays it. It's the funniest show ever and if you haven't seen it you need to!!
I really don't know how to describe the show to make it sound exciting and worth while. It's basically about the lack of lives of a group of people in a small town in the middle of no where in Saskatchewan. Most of the story takes place at the (one and only) towns gas station and its cafe, The Ruby.
That makes it sound even worse. But take my word. It's a great show. You can watch a clip of it:

My brothers are obsessed with this show and own the first four seasons of it. They lent us all four seasons of it (because we hadn't yet seen season Four, and you can't watch it without watching the first three *again*)
Sadly I had one of my classic stupid pregnancy moments... while getting our Netflix DVDS ready to return I accidentally shipped back disk one of Season Four. Oops! I called Netflix up and let them know what I'd done... they said they'd "keep an eye open" for it, but if it had gone through in processing all ready then the disk was lost for good. A few days later I had an email saying that unfortunately they weren't able to recover the DVD but they would credit my bank account with $15 - and they did!! They actually credited it with $17.11. I am beyond impressed with Netflix. Tho still kicking myself. The season costs about $40 to buy, so I'm still out some money. But don't worry brother dears - you will get season four replaced. And you can trust me with season five when you buy it :) I promise I am extra diligent about checking all the DVDs that get returned!


Crystal said...

I'm always paranoid about doing something like that.

Anonymous said...

i think this show is on tbs? ive seen it before and it is pretty funny!-ashleigh

Anonymous said...

oh... are you guys fonding out what your having?-ash

Bethany said...

Canadian comedy... It's a blast :) We used to watch a show called Red Green and it was all about Canadian rednecks. It got a "little" rude in spots, but other than that it really had us laughing. I'll have to see if this show is ever on up here.

Mel's Mom said...

I think I would really like that show! Kind of has a seasoning of "Napolean"--which is the best movie ever! GOSH!

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