His & Hers

Last weekend Paul, Judah and I were out garage sale-ing. I'd been told about this "great" church yard sale, and so we thought we'd check it out. It started at 7 and we got there at 7:20 - in Paul's words it was "the super-center Walmart of garage sales."
It was truly amazing! We had to park in the very last row the parking lot was that crowded (and it was a big lot!). They had furniture outside and three (that I saw!) different rooms designated for different things - crafts and household goods, clothing, shoes and bags in another and then books and toys.
The clothes were fill a (paper) grocery bag for $8. Being married to a military man is useful - he's taught me how to fold things up small :) I got over 25 pieces of clothing in the bag - lots of maternity clothes for me, so they weren't all tiny baby items :)
Anyways, that church sale was the highlight of our day :) In fact Paul told me next year we have to go and be there just before 7 and we need to have a babysitter watching the kiddos!! :) Garage sale-ing with Judah isn't the coolest thing in the world!
There were tons of neighborhood sales going on too, and we stopped at lots of those. We got a nifty bunch of things, but these two chairs are our favorites.
Well, let me correct that!
This chair is Paul's favorite, he found it at one home for $20!

This chair is my favorite (Paul's not so fond of it!) I got it for $3! Even if you didn't need a chair wouldn't you pay $3 for this!?! I think it's so cool :)

Sometime when I feel ambitious I will recover the chair as it has a tiny tear on the seat (and the color really doesn't go with the rest of our stuff!)

So ya - those are our "his and her" chairs :)


Crystal said...

Hmm, I just left a comment and it disappeared!

*whistles twilight zone music*

Nicole said...

Like I've said before... I need to go shopping with you. I want your $3 chair! It's cute and cool and I love it!

The Rock Chick said...

I LOVE the design of the second chair. Ok, I admit it, I even like the fabric. It takes me back for some reason.

I think if you recovered that in a more modern fabric, that would totally be a great piece to accent any room!

mel said...

I like that chair! It's very cool, and I would totally spend my $3 on it any day!

I keep saying it... But I really need to go shopping with you! :)

Stacy said...

I love "your" chair! I did well at garage sales today too- got a roomba for $20, and some more fabric.
BTW, your light colored type is really hard to read on bloglines since everything there is on a white background.

Bethany said...

I also love your chair! Once upon a time I bought a chair (actually it was bought for me) for $4 and I have yet to reupholster it's yucky green fabric. Do you know how to reupholster? If you lived in NY, we could be reupholstering buddies. Meaning, you could teach me how to reupholster my chair.

Becki said...

I love both those chairs. The one Paul chose reminds me of an old orange one we had for years and years at home. It was very comfy. Bet that's why he likes it so much!

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