3rd Anniversary

We got back last evening from our anniversary trip to Charleston, S.C. It's such a beautiful city, and we had two marvelous days there while Judah stayed with his 'adopted' grandparents.
We discovered a few cool hole-in-the-wall restaurants, walked through an art gallery (just one... as much as we try we're really not into that kinda thing. We pretended for ten minutes tho :), discovered Harry and David's - which is an over priced gourmet food store. The food is incredible and the cashier was so knowledgeable, friendly and sample-happy that we couldn't help but love the store and buy a few things for ourselves. SO GOOD!!
We spent time on a wooden swing on the pier over looking the water, walked through an old graveyard taking pictures and reading tomb stones, browsed through the market place, spent sometime on the beach and ate lunch overlooking the ocean. It was relaxing and fun.
Paul is off work until Tuesday, so even tho we're 'back to real life' we aren't really :) I may be somewhat lazy at updating the blog until he's back at work, but we're all doing well :)


Meagan said...

First, congratulations!

Second, I love Charleston and we only spent a few hours there... we got stuck in traffic outside the city, a helicopter landed on the road, and people were driving through the brush in the median to turn around. It was fun. :)

Third, Harry and David's is *usually* overpriced, but they have amazing cheesecake and if you go at the right time, they sell it on clearance for about a third of regular price.

Fire Hunt said...

I like going to old graveyards to it is fun to just look.

Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary! This picture is really cute! You both are looking really nice :o) I love going to markets. I haven't seen the ocean for 9 years now :o( Lorne and I hope to go to Victoria this year for our Anniversary. We tried a couple years ago, but our car was stolen... So we stayed home and bought a new car instead. Not as fun as going on a vacation :P

Sarge Charlie said...

Happy anniversary, you have come a long way in just three years, congrats.

Crystal said...

Happy anniversary. Looks like a fun trip. :)

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I are just a few months behind y'all - we'll hit 3 years in August.

We spent last Memorial Day in Charleston. I love that town. It's so beautiful, and the history is priceless. I'm glad y'all had a good time.

Bethany said...

Charleston sounds like fun! And true about Harry and David's... They are overpriced, but my Dad loves the Oriental mixes so we typically get him some for Christmas. And they do tend to be "sample happy" :) Which makes them extra fun.

I can't wait till my hubby and I can get away together again. It's always so refreshing.

The Rock Chick said...

So glad you enjoyed your trip! It sounds heavenly!!

Happy anniversary to you and Paul! You have my wishes for many, many more! Love you both!

Bethany said...

Happy Anniversary!! Our 2nd is already next week, hard to believe.

What a gorgeous anniversary picture of you two. You are such a good-looking couple, and you make awfully pretty babies, too!

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