What Once Was a Good Idea...

Last night Paul was required to spend the night in a hotel ... work requires him to do all sorts of senseless stuff, but if they're paying for it (which they were) then ok!
The hotel was only an hour away, he had to be there at 5 yesterday afternoon, but didn't have to go to work till 8 this morning, and he was getting a private room... sounded nice, so he invited me along. We had a lot of fun last evening - we went out with two of his co-workers for dinner, and Judah was delightful. When we got back to the hotel Paul and I watched a (rather dumb) movie on tv about radiation killing everyone in the world, except a few men in a submarine, who I think died in the end, but I convinced Paul to change the channel before they died, so I'll never truly know the ending of that movie. Despite the dumbness of the movie it was fun, and Judah thorough enjoyed his freedom to crawl around the hotel room - the mirrored closet doors were just about the coolest thing he's ever seen in his life.

So anyways, life was good, and were thinking that it was such a smart plan for me to of gone with Paul... till Judah decides at 1 in the morning that he's done with sleep - he wants to play for the rest of the night. I kid you not - from 1am -6am that baby slept maybe 45 minutes.
He was in a great mood - if anything can be great at those hours. It was like he was so excited to be in a new place that he didn't want to waste a moment on sleep!
At 6 we decided to get up. We packed everything up, ate breakfast, and then Paul headed to work and I drove the hour back home. Of course Judah slept the whole way home =) But other than the hour home he hasn't really slept a whole lot today - I am hoping he's saving it all up for tonight and that he'll give us a nice loooong stretch of undisturbed sleep. I'd say we deserve it, except it seems that when we became parents we lost all claims to deserving-ness of anything.

I'm just grateful that he's a happy tired baby!!


Crystal said...


Well, my best hours seem to be the same as his! ;o)

The Rock Chick said...

Awww.that sounds like a nice overnight getaway! I actually prefer those to longer vacation. Probably because I hate to fly :)


Anonymous said...

next time take some benedryl along and he should sleep! That way the trip will seem worth it! Then again, any time with the hubby is worth the lack of sleep!

Catherine (PCtheGreat) said...

I don't sleep much from 1 AM to 6 AM either ;)

Meagan said...

Hello, I'm one of Mel's friends and I followed her over here. Been lurking for a bit. :)

Were you watching On The Beach? I watched it for Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner. They contemplate suicide and then decide to go home before the end of the world. Depressing movie.

Jessica Morris said...

Oh Meagan - I think that was it!! I looked it up and it looked like it!! :)

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