Light Bright

Sorry about the horrible pictures - there was a lot of smoke and it was pretty cold, and Judah kept kicking me while I tried to take them... night pictures are pretty hard to take on their own, impossible when you're being moved around!

Anyways - last night we had some huge drama at our apartment complex - a fire! You could see it from our apartment, but it wasn't close enough to effect our building. They think the electrical room caught on fire. It completely destroyed the apartment above it, and some of the surrounding ones too. In all 8 families are now homeless. Thankfully no one was injured! A dog was killed, but no people! Praise God! =)
They are investigating the cause of the fire... a little later I want to wander over and get a picture of the damage - I see some of it from our balcony and it looks like there is a huge hole in what was once the roof.

There were tons of firetrucks and other emergency response vehicles here last night - Judah wasn't interested in the flashing lights or the sirens, which is too bad as they were here in an abundance! There were so many of them here that they were blocking the entrance/exit and for two and a half hours vehicles were not allowed to exit or enter the complex! Which was a bummer as I'd been planning on going out, and then with all the smoke I really wanted to get Judah out just in case it ended up in our apartment (which it didn't!)
I ended up going out in the end - but only because the friends I was going to go out with parked at a nearby store and then walked back to the apartment and helped carry Judah and his car seat and his diaper bag back to their car!
There were a surprising amount of mothers doing that with their babies!! (Ok, I just saw three others, but have you ever seen a small caravan of people walking down a busy road carrying a baby, a carseat and a diaper bag?! My bet is no... so four people doing it is a surprising amount!)

Paul managed to miss all of the "lock down" drama (as one of the firemen told me it was called) as he left minutes before they blocked everyone in and came home minutes after they opened it up! Lucky guy.

I realize that the firemen have a huge, huge job and they're really to be admired and applauded for their hard work -but I really wish I had gotten the name of one of them so I could report him... he was an absolute jerk to me, which is fine, I was slightly rude back at him. (Really - only AFTER he was rude to me!)
But there was this older gentleman who came up to this Mr. Rude Fireman and told him that he needed his medication, but that he'd been told he couldn't go in his apartment, but that he really needed them. The firemans response was "That's tough, you're not allowed back in." Excuse me?!?!
The older man started to get panicky, explaining how he really needed his meds. The fireman made his second brilliant comment "Too bad."
This REALLY made the old man panic and he just started going on and on about how important these meds were and they were time sensitive and he really needed to take them. The fireman did NOTHING to calm the man down or help him - he was rough, rude and flat out unkind to the older man - and he was making the older man get really worked up. The fireman ended up just wandering away, leaving the man standing on his own. It made me mad. This fireman was not anywhere near the fire - he couldn't even see the fire from where he was. So it's not like the older man was interrupting someone who was trying to put out flames! I thought it was rather unprofessional.

Oh well.

Paul *is* going to update the story soon folks! Hopefully tonight :)


Chelsea Rae said...

That is horrible, it is too bad you didn't know that guys name, I would want to report him too!!!

You know we really are a lot a like, it is too bad we will probably never meet in real life, I have read your blog lots of times and thought "That's what I think too!" I think we would get along very very well.

Crystal said...

How awful for all those families. :(

Kelly Malloy said...

That would be so scary! At least you weren't hurt!

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