Oh Good! I Thought So

My younger brother Caleb is an incredibly talented writer...
I just read this piece of his (and after getting permission to blog it!)
here it is:


Don’t you care about me anymore?
Oh good I thought so!
I just had to hear it one more time
So I could make one more rhyme
About the way that you and me
Go together like an apple in a tree
But I guess that metaphor leaves you wanting more
Cause eventually the apple falls from the tree
So I guess you and me
Are like the birds and the bee’s
Two abstract and arbitrary animals brought together
To mean more then themselves

A friend in doubt
A friend in need
A friend is more then you mean to me
A lover in life
A lover in death
A love that stops my strife
I can’t feel the way I did before
I just can’t
Go back to friends
I can’t let this end

So close your mouth when your mind churns those doubts
And open it to my reassuring lips
Let my finger tips
Engrave this rough design of love
On the back of your head

And I know
You can feel it too
When they turn their backs
I’ll open my arms
When the world attacks
I’ll keep you safe from harm

Don’t you care about me anymore?
I know you do
But I implore
Just whisper it in my ear
Just let it calm all my fears

And with a girl like you
How can I not be paranoid?
That I’ll lose you to the void
Of lost love and spiraling emotions

Without you my hearts a hole
Broken by your love’s first light
A dripping passion
Pooling as patience
Waiting for the day
When I can evermore whisk you away

A rhythmic tattoo
Beaten by fingers
As I wait for you
On this cold October day
Will you not arrive
as early as I?
And will you not rush through the pouring downpour
Into my arms?
Oh good I thought so!


caleb, the hymalian goat herder who chills with smurfs for kicks said...

thanks jess...
but you couldve picked a more flattering picture =D

Sarge Charlie said...

I used one of your photos in a post I just put up, I hope you do not mind.

The Rock Chick said...

Oh this is wonderful! Your brother is very talented!! Thanks for sharing this!!!


P.S. he hangs with smurfs? LOL

caleb... said...

of course! i love smurfs! there so optimistic and fuzzy! they hate shaving, and they cant produce reall beard, so they just have fuzz grow all over there bodies! it's like cashmere! and they make wonderful pillowcases =D

Jeff Keith said...

Wow! I really enjoyed that. Tell him that he did a great job with that!

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