Paul's Not-So-Proudest Moment

I love my husband. I feel the need to say that before I say *anything* else about him in this post. *grin* So, lets make it very, very clear that I love the man that I live with - got it?! K, good.
Now on to the story...

Last week Paul told me he'd bought me a present and it was in the fridge. I opened up the fridge and there sat a bottle of Aloe Vera Juice. I almost peed my pants from laughing... Paul has a history with Aloe Vera Juice that isn't very 'pretty.' I had never tried it before, and he's always told me he'd get me some so I can try it. Last week was my chance to try it, and it was actually quite yummy.

Anyways... Paul's "history." Several years ago he was in Korea and drank a liter of Aloe Vera juice. At one time. Aloe Vera is a digestive aide. Basically it acts as a laxative. See where this story is going??

(Again, Paul - I love you! I am so not making fun of you here!)

So he drank this one evening, and nothing happened. The next morning he headed out for a tour of the DMZ (the de-militarized zone between North and South Korea.) It had a mandatory dress code of dress slacks and button up shirt - a rather formal tour.

The tour also involved a long bus ride. A long bus ride with no toilet.

Somewhere on the long bus ride the Aloe Vera Juice side effects kicked in full force.

Paul actually made a conscious choice to poop his pants while sitting on the tour bus. Minutes later the bus made a stop - for a bathroom break.

I don't feel like I can do this story justice - Paul has promised if I stop butchering the story that he will give his version (which would actually be the correct version, since he was the one there:) if I will stop telling my version of the story.

So stay tuned for the continuation of this story from Paul =)


The Rock Chick said...

OMG! LOL! I'm dying to hear this :)


Mel's Mom said...

THIS is too funny! Looking forward to the rest =)

Amber said...

Ahem! You're leaving us hanging! This is looking like a great story. lol!

Anonymous said...



Jessica Morris said...

Paul said he'll write the story asap - so hopefully this evening!!!

Anonymous said...

poor Paul...I thought it was a gallon he drank... I can't believe he's letting you tell the story...has that man no pride left??? mum

Crystal said...


Ok, so we're aloe vera juice drinkers in my family. It's soo good for the digestive system (not just, the, um, potty side of it - it's very healing and soothing as well). But, yeah, 2-4 oz a day is all you should drink. LOL

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