To the Ceiling...

Here is our tree! After a great debate as to what we should do this year, we finally decided we would buy one - it was slightly painful spending money on a tree knowing that in a month it will be 75% cheaper... but we did manage to get it for 40% off reg price. so it wasn't so bad.

I love our tree! It is 7 1/5 feet tall, and with the star on top it touches the ceiling. I love having a tall tree, and Paul loves having one taller than him =)
The only place that the tree would fit in our apartment is in our bedroom!! It is kind of fun waking up to a Christmas tree in my face each morning.

Tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping and I think I am going to buy ingredients to make some of our favorite Christmas cookies and candies ... we were wanting to avoid all the extra calories, but I am so missing all the yummy stuff! We'll just have to have a few holiday parties to help get rid of everything :)


Sarge Charlie said...

This is good, your little man is old enough to enjoy and be excited about Christmas this year, I expect photos.

The Rock Chick said...

Ohhhh it's beautiful!! I love Christmas trees! Wish we could keep them up all year :)

I'm waiting til the after Christmas sale because the one I want is $500 and that's just insanity....75% of $500 is a little more my speed LOL


angie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. Love your tree. I'm so into white lights and rich colors for the ornaments.

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